RETS IQ Provides the best rets technology available today
Why Should You Choose RETS IQ?
1. Choice of the Top MLSs
RETS IQ is the choice of the top MLSs in the country.
2. Proxy Technology
RETS IQ is based on a flexible and highly scalable proxy technology.
3. Total RETS Solution
RETS IQ offers a complete RETS solution for the MLS.
4. Unmatched Support
RETS IQ offers superior support and fast response time.
5. On The Cutting Edge
We are constantly updating and evolving our software products.
RETS IQ Cheque
Cheque Overview
RETS IQ Cheque has taken RETS management to a whole new level. Cheque is an add-on Contact application built to administer billing and account management services for MLS RETS Data Recipients.

Non-Dues Revenue
Cheque enables MLS operators to more easily track to whom they have given RETS access, the customers of RETS Data Recipients and generate and collect data usage billing. Cheque also provides a new revenue stream for the MLS. As the MLS industry evolves to meet the needs of the real estate consumers, ever increasing demands for data will put the MLS in a position to open up new revenue streams for non-dues revenue and services.
RETS IQ Cheque
Contact Overview
See who is doing what, when and how with your listing content. Contact has the most comprehensive RETS usage reporting in the industry. Contact enables MLS staff to review real-time queries, the number of listings, amounts of data requested and much more. Contact's database stores each and every RETS action then presents that data in several easy-to-read analytical reports.

Industry Leading Reporting
Executive-level summary reports are presented in clear, graphical detail allowing the MLS Administrator or Executive to quickly review and monitor activity on the RETS server.